Master's Students Start Research on Space Evidence for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

How can we improve the use of Earth Observation and other space data in the humanitarian and human rights domains? This is the question a team of students from different studies and backgrounds studying at Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University of Rotterdam will be working on in the next months as part of the LDE Space Thesis Lab "Space Evidence for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law". The study requires experts from different disciplines to look a the legal, business and technical aspects of the use of space evidence in court and how its use can be stimulated.

thesis lab

Space Evidence for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Compliance with Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and accountability for cases of violations are vital for protecting people in the most vulnerable circumstances.

The LDE Space Thesis Lab on Space Evidence for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law is dedicated to the optimization of the use of satellite information in this domain. This source of information is of growing importance for tracing violations and for providing evidence in legal proceedings.

In collaboration with the LDE universities and space organisations, the network organisation ‘Space Evidence for Human Rights’, SEHR, defined areas for further research. As they concern subjects on space and humanitarian law, technical capabilities and the business environment, the Lab is an excellent opportunity to address some of these subjects in the LDE framework.

In writing their thesis and doing consultancy research, the students combine information from different disciplines and contribute to a SEHR ‘White Paper’ on this use of satellite information. The Paper will be an important document to bring the use of satellite information to the same level as in other area’s such as agriculture, transport and security.

LDE Thesis Labs are interdisciplinary programmes organised by LDE centres and programmes. These programmes are created to offer the opportunity for students to do their Master thesis projects as part of a larger challenge where they work with fellow students from different disciplines from the Leiden Delft and Erasmus Universities.


For more information or questions about the thesis lab please contact:

Wim Ploeg
Space Lab content coordinator and initiator of the network organisation Space Evidence for Human Rights, SEHR 

Peter Batenburg
Space Thesis Lab Organisation Support, LDE Space for Science & Society programme