Space for Science and Society

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus-Universities (LDE) and NL Space Campus collaboratNL Space Campuse in the LDE Space for Science and Society programme.

The TU Delft Space Institute, the Leiden Observatory, The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and the International Institute of Air and Space Law of Leiden University are all world leading in their own fields and decided to join forces in the field of space research and education. New interdisciplinary research projects will be developed, together with new interdisciplinary educational programmes.

LDE Space also reinforces collaboration with NL Space Campus in the LDE Space for Science and Society programme. The main objective of this programme is to stimulate space related knowledge exchange and education, between the LDE universities as well as ESA ESTEC, the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), SRON, TNO, KNMI and other organizations in the Dutch space sector.