The Netherlands has a strong aerospace cluster, comprising educational institutions, research organisations and innovative companies. The cluster, located primarily in the province of Zuid-Holland, is increasingly focusing on more than just aerospace; it is turning its attention to issues that also benefit society, such as Earth observation, climate research and geo-information services.

When it comes to space, Zuid-Holland – and, by extension, the Netherlands – is a key international player:

ESTEC, the technical centre of the European Space Agency, is located here; NL Space Campus in Noordwijk is quickly evolving into a high-tech aerospace campus; the EU Galileo Reference Center, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre and the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) are all newcomers to the province; the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities alliance offers degree programmes in a variety of space-related disciplines that are highly regarded around the world – as is their academic research into aerospace and related fields. Moreover, Zuid-Holland boasts some one hundred space companies, far more than any other Dutch province.

space campus

Space ecosystem

The partners collaborate in the field of aerospace to develop new knowledge and technologies and to translate them into practical innovations. Researchers and entrepreneurs combine their knowledge and expertise to develop new products and find solutions for societal challenges. And they do this within the space knowledge and innovation ecosystem. A successful space ecosystem needs close ties to other knowledge and innovation clusters in the region.